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Charlotte Pest & Wildlife Control is a professional certified, licensed, and insured wildlife removal and pest control company, servicing the greater Charlotte, NC region. We solve conflicts between people and wild animals, and we also handle insect problems and perform termite control services. We most commonly remove nuisance wildlife from homes and buildings. Whether it's squirrels in the attic or a skunk under the porch, we handle any wild animal problem. Give us a call any time, and one of our techs we will answer the phone, discuss your wildlife problem, give you a price estimate, and arrive at your property as soon as possible, usually same day. Our number is 704-288-0478.    
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We strive for the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to solve your wild critter problem permanently. We offer a full written guarantee on our work, and provide a full range of services for all of your pest or wildlife control needs. We do full home inspections, wildlife damage repairs, preventative exclusion work, attic cleanup, dead animal removal, and more. These are some of our specialties:

Wildlife Trapping: Trapping is an art. It's not nearly as simple as laying down some traps. Each job is different, and requires the appropriate trapping measures. If you've got squirrels in your attic, we don't just drop some traps on the ground. We seal up the house, install professional grade repeating traps on the squirrel entry holes, and catch all of the target animals. We are properly licensed to trap and transport wildlife, and we are always humane to wild animals. We trap skunks, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, and we even remove snakes.

Charlotte Bat Control: The key to bat control is in identifying and sealing shut all bat entry points. But first, all of the bats must be removed, and none of them harmed, as it is against the law. We completely remove the entire bat colony from the building, and we 100% bat-proof the home so that they, and now new bats, can ever get back inside. We remove all of the droppings that they have left behind, and decontaminate the area they roosted in. Bat removal is specialty work, and it takes a great deal of experience to do it properly.

Charlotte Bird Control: We handle a variety of nuisance bird species, from starlings to grackles, but most of all, we control pigeon problems. Pigeons are urban birds that are abundant in North Carolina, and they roost on and in buildings, where they make a real mess. We install deterrents that prevent them from landing and roosting on the beams, ledges, store signs and other areas that they like to call home. Our methods ensure complete solutions to bird problems that should last the life of the building. We also deal with cases of birds inside buildings and attics and chimneys.

Rat & Mouse Control: Rodent control is often complicated work. We solve the rat or mouse problem permanently, unlike other wildlife and pest control companies. We don't just come to your property and spread some poison around. This won't solve anything, and in fact, will likely make the situation worse, with dead smelly rats in the building, and new ones entering at will. We solve the problem by sealing off all points of entry, and trapping and removing all rodents. Rodents breed quickly, and will keep coming - only when they've all been sealed out, does the problem stop.

Insect Control: We exterminate a wide variety of insect pests. Fire ants can cause a nasty bite. Carpenter bees destroy wood, as do carpenter ants. The ultimate wood destroyers are termites. We kill the entire colony of these insects, and protect your property. We also exterminate cockroaches, earwigs, spiders, and other pests. We remove stinging insects, including hives of honey bees, yellow jackets, hornets and more. We also control flea infestations, and mosquitoes. We take care to ensure the safety of the environment, while achieving complete eradication, and we also won't harm your family or pets!

Extermination in Charlotte  - We are an extermination company, and we also deal with insects.

Termite Control in Charlotte  - Read more about our complete termite eradication system.

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We service the greater Charlotte North Carolina area including the towns of Matthews, Monroe, Gastonia, Mount Holly, Huntersville, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Charlotte.

Advice: Rat prevention: how to keep rats away from your house and yard
When you look at pest control, you will start to see a pattern, particularly with preventative methods. The same rules apply for most of the creatures that you are likely to encounter with a pest control problem things such as not leaving food lying around, making sure the lid is on your garbage can, and even more complex things such as making sure that there are no holes in your home that the little critters can walk in and out of. The only problem is so many people know about these preventative methods, but very few of them actually put them into practice.

There are plenty of things that you can do for rat prevention, including the ones mentioned above. However, the next tips that you will read are vital for effective rat prevention, and will also ensure that you don't spend a small fortune on gadgets and sprays, that for the most part, do not even work.

Keep your home and yard clean. Rats are attracted to mess, leftover food and similar. If you have a yard that is full of old bits of wood, garbage cans and garbage bags that are easily ripped open or pulled over, and even poor drainage, you are basically inviting these disgusting creatures to live in your home. If you are going to throw food away, try and burn it rather than just chucking it into the garbage can, and if you make a mess in the yard because you are renovating or landscaping, dispose of it as soon as you can. Anything can be a great big neon welcome sign to rats and other creatures such as raccoons, squirrels and mice, so the cleaner things are, the easier life will be for you.

When it comes to drainage and piping going in and out of your home, make sure that any holes are fixed with a wire mesh, (or similar material) that these rats and other creatures cannot gnaw their way through. You might not believe it but a rat can crawl into spaces that you probably couldn't even poke two fingers in, so even if that drainage hole looks too small to be an entry point for a rat, it probably already has been.

As we mentioned above, there are some methods of manmade stuff¯ that can get rid of rats. There are many problems with these however for the most part, the sprays and electronic repellants do not work, and even if they do, they will only do so for a short period of time usually because the animal will soon get used to whatever it is that you are using, and continue to use your home as their own anyway.

One of the best ideas that you can have to keep rats and other creatures like opossums - away from your home and yard is to consult the professional services offered by a pest control company or individual. These people will have the knowledge to understand what does and doesn't work, and may even teach you a thing or two about getting rid of these awful creatures that you may not have even thought about!

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This month's North Carolina Wildlife Tip:

A Dead Animal Inside the Air Conditioning Ductwork: If you are feeling any kind of decomposing odor coming from inside or outside of the house, you have to rely on your strong sense of smell to find out the exact location of the dead animals if it is really present. In the beginning the odor is not too strong or stinking but as the time passes it gets even stronger. Usually it gets much stronger after three days of the death of the Charlotte animal. Locating the dead animal is also very important especially when one has to carry out its removal and decontamination. If the animal has died inside the wall or duct, then there is a problem because the animal may decompose away giving rise to a strong odor and also releases a lot of germs and infestation. Secondly if the animal has died in the open duct or vent of the air conditioning system, then there may not be much problem because in this case there is at least one way of getting rid of the foul smell and one can also hope of getting the body of the North Carolina animal safely as well.

Removing the dead animal
There are many instances when the wildlife removal experts get calls for help and they are told about the cases of animals found dead in the air conditioning ducts or vents which are either open or closed. Sometimes the animals also make their ways through these ducts into the interior by ripping off the openings of ducts. According to expert observations, it has been explained with great concern that the cases of finding dead animals are far more in the air conditioning ducts as compared to any other place in the house. Moreover the animals usually found in these places are larger like opossums and raccoons. There are very rare cases of observing a small animal like a rat or squirrel or a bat dead in these locations.